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About the Forest Kingdom

O království lesa

You have walked our Treetop Walkway for six years. Now you can experience everything that happens under it thanks to the new Forest Kingdom. An amazing forest playground that soaks up the unrepeatable atmosphere that only nature, especially in Šumava is able to, awaits you.

In the new Forest Kingdom you will find several dozen attractions and play elements. Some of them were created to capture the beautiful nature of Šumava. You will spend many hours with us having fun, regardless of your age.


Fun for all

Do you want to experience what’s happening under the green rug you see from the Treetop Walkway? Do you look for a place, where you can spend hours having fun with your whole family? Does it sound good to you to become part of the forest community at least for a while?

The new oasis at Šumava is devoted to games, fun and the practicing of motor skills. Regardless of age, save your energy for dozens of fantastic attractions.

You can explore the labyrinth between the young trees, get lost in an anthill, or jump up to the branches of the tallest trees on the large trampoline.

In the Forest Kingdom, you will also find original ropeways, rope sets, tree towns, climbing frames, beautiful houses for children, castles and fortresses, carousels, sandpits and slides.

All play elements are certified and thoughtfully connect fun with learning about Šumava nature in its various forms.

Wisdom of nature in Šumava

The forest and the life in it inspire all play elements.

Large rope centres resemble the tracks of the animals that make their home in the forest. Squirrels, martens, dormice, badgers, foxes… It is their life and movement that has inspired the creators of the Forest Kingdom to enable you to look into the secrets hidden in the green.

But you will also learn to recognize trees. You will find out what characteristics the wood has and the many possibilities of its use. You will learn the tracks of the forest’s animal inhabitants and understand the regularity of the forest community life.

You will be able to play the original dendrophone, try the haptic walkway, look into an insect hotel or experience the life in a hollow log.

Our new Šumava kingdom is very generous, that’s why every visitor will return with a valuable gift – the wisdom and wealth of the forest that has grown for thousands of years from a seed to the grown up titans, and as a bonus you will get pure energy and joy from moving in the fresh air.


Forest kingdom attractions

Atrakce Království lesa

8 Central rope set

Impressive towers, climbing frames, crawling constructions, slides and toboggans, between them dozens of metres of ropes that will check the motor skills of each and every visitor. To get through the whole set from top to bottom and from beginning to end will be two hours full of fun and adrenaline.

Atrakce Království lesa

13 Rope centre

The most attractive elements that catch the eye at the first glimpse are the various transitions between platforms around grown trees, which will help children with movement and teach them determination.

Atrakce Království lesa

2 Giant trampoline

Touch the sky! At the giant trampoline in the Forest Kingdom, you will have hours of fun regardless of your age. Maybe the most rewarding play element, where you can really have your fling. Please remember just two things: enter without shoes and take consideration of the younger visitors, who will share the trampoline with you.


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