Forest Kingdom / Attractions

Forrest Kingdom attractions 

Atrakce Království lesa

19 Central Rope System

Impressive towers, climbing frames, pull-throughs, slides, toboggans and rope-downs. Tens of meters of rope attractions will test motoric skills of every visitor. It may take up to two ours to get from the beginning to the end - two hours of fun and a reasonable dose of adrenalin.

Atrakce Království lesa

13 Rope Park

The most attractive elements will catch your attention immediately. Various bridges between islands around grown trees will help children move better and teach them determination.

Atrakce Království lesa

2 Giant trampoline

Touch the sky! The giant trampoline in the Forest Kingdom offers fun for all visitors regardless of age. This is probably the most popular attraction that everybody can enjoy. We just ask you to take off your shoes and be careful about little kids sharing the trampoline with you.


1 Entrance 

3 Little goats 

The Forest Kingdom has a special entrance even when you want to get to animals. The sophisticated set motivates children to get into contact with friendly little goats.



Race with your children or friends on a 25-meter-long cableway with an upstart at the end. Hold tight because the speed is fairly high and the end is tough!

5 Houses for young children

Even the two-year olds will have fun, exercise and play games in attractive little houses in the middle of the forest.


6 Ice-cream kingdom 

Become an ice-cream vendor - pull your own wonderful creamy ice cream Lunamil and choose from a wide selection of toppings and sprinkles. Ice-cream kingdom also offers a fun frozen dessert ICE´n´GO.

7 Giant trampoline

Touch the sky! The giant trampoline in the Forest Kingdom offers fun for visitors regardless of age. This is probably the most popular attraction that everybody can enjoy. We just ask you to take off your shoes and be careful about little kids sharing the trampoline with you.


8 Workout set

Wood can find its use even in an urban environment as demonstrated with our workout set to test not only older children but also their daddies.

9Swing ram

Need to swing ten kids at a time ? Why don´t you try our swinging ram with an impressive amplitude! Similarly as in rowing , all children have to cooperate. And they definitely enjoy it!


10 Refreshment U divadla

11 Ranch

Children naturally tend to look for a safe place, a retreat. They can hide at our ranch and make it their base to explore other places in the Forest Kingdom.


12 Cableway

Children over 3 years of age can test their strength and coordination skills. This attraction is very useful as they can practice for future sports activities.

14 Knights castle

Can you image the Forest Kingdom without a base for knights ? We do have one and all children fall in love with it the moment they get in  for the first time.


15Roudabout -whirlwind

It is pretty difficult to climb on a sophisticated structure and, at the same time, to deal with the rotating movement of our whirlwind roundabout! Recommended for children over 6 years of age.

16 Maze

Get lost and then find yourself again in a sophisticated maze made up of original shrubs and trees of the Šumava region. You will get through tens of meters of our  intricate maze and if you try hard you will always find a way out ...


17 Pokuston

Many children have probably known this attraction from school playgrounds. It combines several elements of games and movement skills to boost their self-confidence and assuredness.

18 Buffet at the maze

Before you set off on a fun journey through the maze, refill your strength and energy in the Buffet at the maze. We will make a wonderful coffee and something sweet for you.  Even the lovers of fast classics such as hot dogs, grilled sausages, chips or soup will have a field day.


20 Anthill

Are you fascinated by the precision and regularity of ants movement in an anthill? You can try it for yourself in the Forest Kingdom in our intricate system of structures in greenery.

21 Spider´s house

Do you want to watch your child in an unusual position? Did you know your child was able to move hand over hand ... upside down ? No?? Then try this attraction that motivates children to test their limits while keeping them safe.


22 Swings + nests

Swing with your family! Our nests are perfect for the purpose. Or you can simply relax in fresh air and watch the kids on swings in the center of this structure.

23 Restaurant Šumavanka

For small and big trippers we have got a permanent offer of meals which will tune you in to a fairy-tale wave. Try Forest Elves´ treasure, Highwayman´s loot or Gamekeeper´s pellets. In Šumavanka we are also vegetarian and celiac friendly.


24 Souvenirs 

25 Big Roundabout Pastelka

Pure joy usually comes from the original roundabout with a highly quality mechanism that quarantines required speed and inertia. It is safe even for very young children!


26 Roundabout Carousel

We needed to complete the omnipresent wood with some urban material. Therefore we have used a steel roundabout to please big families or groups of friends who can test their ability to cooperate.

27 Spring swing 

Ride with the duke of the Forest Kingdom at least for a while. Victorious roar welcome!


28 Little nest

Do you know the best place to relax or to digest after a good lunch in the Forest Kingdom? We offer you our little nest …. but it is also easy to make it swing wild …

29 Sea storm

Imagine you are walking on a ship deck sailing through a storm. To get from one end to the other is no easy task … 


30 Sandpit / cone pit

Sand pit is the temple and fort for most toddlers. It will be the same in our case and therefore we have also added some cones.

31 Judy with a nest

Another swing from which you can see the Forest Kingdom from various angles and heights. It features a massive acacia tree and functional mechanical elements!


32 Earth phone

Even preschool kinds can use mobile phones. But have you ever tried an earth phone? And what if the horns are magic and fulfill your wishes?

33 Dendrophone

A well-tuned musical instrument using acoustic properties of acacia wood. Play your favorite song with your children!


34 Footprint in sand

Can you recognize footprints of red deer, otter or wild boar in mud or snow? You can test yourself ...

35 Druhy dřev

Poznejte podle řezu v profilu dub letní, topol černý, trnovník akát nebo borovici lesní. Kdo ví, kdy se vám bude hodit i v rámci vašeho bytu nebo domu...


36 Hollow log 

How well and how fast does sound travel on the surface and inside a hollow log? Try out and you will be surprised. Ideal also as a nursery school.

37 Tree trunks with doors

Can you identify tree species, woods, their properties and typical products …? You will learn all this in our tree gallery.


38 Feelwalk

Try to tell different materials by feeling them with your feet. We have noticed that children love to walk on this natural carpet long minutes.

39 Sound of wood

Another element on which you can physically experience movement of sound on a tree trunk, in this case acacia.


40 Insect hotel

Bees-loners, drones and many other insect species have found their home in our hotel. It offers an eye-catching view into their realm.

41 Smart rope

How did the educational games on iPads came to life? Let your grey matter work a bit in a competition that you need to experience first hand.


42 Education panel: birds / nests

Can you tell which nest belongs to kingfisher, owl, bunting or blackbird? Find the right home for all our songbirds.

43 Tunnel 

If you have not had enough crawling or climbing in the rope parks you can try this traditional tunnel. We promise it has the way in and also the way out …