Forest Kingdom / Options in the neighbourhood

When you finish exploring the Forest Kingdom

You will need a couple of hours to explore the Forest Kingdom. You can spend all day with us but you should not miss the other activities in the Lipno complex.

Try the Treetop Walkway 

The Treetop Walkway Lipno, opened on 10 July 2012, is unique and the first of its kind in the Czech Republic. The walkway is sensitively integrated into the landscape on the shore of the Lipno lake and it enhances its special character. It also complements the offer of sporting, educational and entertainment activities.

The walkway includes didactic elements that provide support and increase knowledge about the nature, its protection and about forest functions. For the little visitors, but also for the older ones with young spirit and adventurous mind, the walkway offers three climbing stations with rope elements 24 meters above the ground level.

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The Treetop Walkway ends with a 40-meter nonagonal view tower that is unique thanks to its design and airy architectural form but also its no-barrier access and the type and method of construction.


Take your time 

and enjoy more Lipno attractions because the season never ends here! Next to the central parking lot is the popular Rope Park Lipno. The Lanovka chalet offers bikes for rent for visitors to the Bikepark, Intersport shop and a restaurant. You can find more facilities nearby, e.g. Aquaworld Lipno, Hopsárium, Intersport rental services, Slideland Lipno as well as more restaurants and bars.

Lipno chairlifts

For greater comfort of summer tourists, the chairlifts are also operated during summer season. Both tourists and cyclists could use it for reaching their favourite places and paths more comfortably. It serves as the main transport for reaching the Treetop Walkway Lipno. The ride up is a nice experience not only for children. The ride down ten provides beautiful view of the Lipnolake and lake ski-run, where the bikers go.

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Water attractions and relax in any weather

The Aquaworld water paradise is a perfect place to relax in any weather. You can rest in the whirlpool enjoying the beautiful view of the Lipnolake or swim in the swimming pool. Right at the entrance, there is Hopsárium – fun world full of slides, climbing frames and inflatable attractions.

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Bikepark Lipno

Three kilometres of adventurous and fun ride in the forest terrain at the Family track and new Sport track with beautiful view of Lipno, For children from 8 years, beginners and advanced riders!

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Rope park Lipno

Rope park built in the comfortable and pleasant environment of the central parking is an ideal resting, but slightly adrenaline activity that will spark up the summer holidays at Lipno for families and groups.

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Frisbee Park Lipno

Active Park Lipno offers the Lipno region visitors an exceptional active recreational novelty, the Frisbee Park Lipno. Try throwing the disc to an elevated metal basket. The game is suitable for all age categories and the playing field is free!

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21 curves, 2 tunnels and horizons, total length 1 km. The bobsleigh-run above Lipnolake offers all this. Children from 3 years go with parents, from 8 years, you ride alone or in pairs.

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Lipno without barriers – offer for disabled guests

Lipno is also an ideal destination for disabled both in summer and in winter. Thanks to the Lipno without barriers project, they could fully enjoy their vacation at Lipno in any season.

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Kickbike scooters rental

Thanks to their construction, everybody can enjoy the ride. it is possible to try fast adrenaline filled downhill ride at the ski-track or slow down the way down and enjoy the approach to Lipno. The second version is mainly for families with children.

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Have you planned your activities in the Lipno resort?

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