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Forest Kingdom

Fun for all

Forest Kingdom

Fun for all

Forest Kingdom attractions

Entrance Giant trampoline Little goats Ropeway Houses for small children Animal Kingdom Giant trampoline Workout set Seesaw battering ram Modřínek forest workshops Bunker Ropeway Rope center Castle of knights Carrousel "vírník" Labyrinth Pokuston Fast food at the labyrinth Central rope set Ant-hill corridors Spider's houses Seesaws + nests Fast food Šumavanka Souvenirs Attractions map

Opening hours

March - 28.3. - 1.4. 2024 10:00 – 17:00
April - weekends / from 27.4. 2024 daily 10:00 – 18:00
May (od 27.4. 2024) 10:00 – 18:00
June, July, August, September 9:30 – 19:00
October 10:00 - 17:00
  • The last visitor is allowed to enter the Forest Kindom 1 hour before the end of the opening time
  • Open every day

The whole area is barrier-free

Admission fees

Take advantage of good prices with registration to the loyalty club Lipno.card

Forest KingdomTreetop Walkway & Forest KingdomTreetop WalkwayTransport up or downTransport up and down
Child (yr 2010 - 2020), senior (yr 1959 and older) with registration * CZK 340CZK 640CZK 300CZK 140CZK 160
without registrationCZK 380CZK 720CZK 340CZK 170CZK 200
Adult (yr 1960 – 2009)with registration * CZK 340CZK 690CZK 350CZK 220CZK 260
without registrationCZK 380CZK 770CZK 390CZK 260CZK 300
Family 2 adults and 1 child with registration * CZK 980CZK 1,960CZK 980CZK 540CZK 620
without registrationCZK 1,100CZK 2,200CZK 1,100CZK 690CZK 800
Family 2 adults and 2-4 children with registration * CZK 1,120CZK 2,240CZK 1,120CZK 590CZK 720
without registrationCZK 1,280CZK 2,560CZK 1,280CZK 800CZK 950
ZTP/P + free escort CZK 300CZK 600CZK 300CZK 140CZK 160
Group (yr 1960 – 2009) CZK 310CZK 620CZK 310CZK 180CZK 200
Discounted group - child/senior/ZTPP + free escort CZK 270CZK 540CZK 270CZK 140CZK 160

* with registration to the loyalty club Lipno.card

Lipno.pass Family

2 days 3 days 4 days 5 days 6 days
Child 3 - 14,99 / Person 65+ with registration * CZK 1,055 CZK 1,245 CZK 1,425 CZK 1,605 CZK 1,745
without registration CZK 1,210 CZK 1,420 CZK 1,630 CZK 1,840 CZK 2,010
Adult with registration * CZK 1,255 CZK 1,475 CZK 1,695 CZK 1,915 CZK 2,075
without registration CZK 1,450 CZK 1,700 CZK 1,950 CZK 2,200 CZK 2,390
Family 2+1 with registration * CZK 2,995 CZK 3,505 CZK 4,015 CZK 4,525 CZK 4,915
without registration CZK 3,450 CZK 4,030 CZK 4,610 CZK 5,190 CZK 5,660
Family 2+2-4 with registration * CZK 3,505 CZK 4,105 CZK 4,705 CZK 5,305 CZK 5,765
without registration CZK 4,030 CZK 4,710 CZK 5,390 CZK 6,070 CZK 6,630

* with registration to the loyalty club Lipno.card

Season ticket to the Kingdom of the Forest

Adult (yr 1960-2009), child (yr 2010-2020), senior (yr 1959 and older) CZK 790
Family 2 adults and 1 child CZK 2,290
Family 2 adults and 2-4 children CZK 2,690

The season ticket to the Kingdom of the Forest is valid for the whole season with unlimited number of entries.

The season ticket to the Kingdom of the Forest must be picked up at the Client Information Centre or directly at the ticket office in the Kingdom of the Forest personally by the client for whom the season ticket is issued. When the season ticket is collected, a photograph will be taken of the client for whom it is issued. The season ticket may be picked up as of April 1, 2023. The season ticket client may not allow a third party to use the season ticket for the purpose of entering the Forest Kingdom, sell it to a third party, lend or rent it to a third party, copy it or otherwise alter it. In the case of a season ticket, the operator is authorised to carry out checks using reference and control photographs taken. The operator shall also visually verify that the season ticket is being used by the client when the client using the season ticket passes through the control turnstiles. In the event that a discrepancy is found between the reference and control photographs, the operator is entitled to block the season ticket and the season ticket will no longer be usable, without refunding the nominal price of the season ticket.

The season ticket is valid for 1 person and is non-transferable.

Prices are valid from 2024/3/13 to 2024/10/31.
Prices are in CZK including VAT

Young children (2021 and younger) free
(you can pick the ticket for children at the ticket office)

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