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For schools

For schools

Price list for groups

Forest KingdomTreetop Walkway & Forest KingdomTreetop WalkwayTransport up or downTransport up and down
Group (yr 1960 – 2009) with registration * CZK 310CZK 620CZK 310CZK 180CZK 200
without registrationCZK 310CZK 620CZK 310CZK 180CZK 200
Discounted group - child/senior/ZTPP + free escort with registration * CZK 270CZK 540CZK 270CZK 140CZK 160
without registrationCZK 270CZK 540CZK 270CZK 140CZK 160

* with registration to the loyalty club Lipno.card

The price for groups is per 1 person, group admission is for min. 15 persons, for every 15 paid tickets you get 1 free entry for an escort.
Prices are valid from 2024/3/13 to 2024/10/31.
Prices are in CZK including VAT

Young children (2021 and younger) free
(you can pick the ticket for children at the ticket office)

School by Play. The well-known motto of J. A. Komenský exactly defines the philosophy of Forest Kingdom in Šumava, which is also open to kindergartens and elementary schools.

We offer the best classroom under the treetops. Children can experience the subject matter first-hand, and immediately try the information obtained.

Children will understand the function of the forest ecosystem. They will learn about many forest animals. They will learn to distinguish between the individual levels of forest biotope with everything that is connected to it and that lives in it.

At the same time they will get valuable information about the wood itself, what must happen in order to make a tree grow from a seed, and how necessary it is to look after the forest and its animal community.

On several play elements children can try the different characteristics of various types of wood and learn about their uses.

Teachers will welcome the many information tables that are helpful even to the youngest children thanks to the pictures. We have enough sitting and resting places available. The possibility to easily oversee the whole forest town is also a huge advantage as you will always be able to see the children.

Trained Forest Kingdom personnel are also available to help with the organisation and other tasks connected with your visit to Lipno nad Vltavou. There are also plenty of food stalls available throughout the park.

Forest Kingdom is definitely worth a full day trip. Many other attractions in the neighbourhood will convince you and the parents for a longer stay in this beautiful place in Šumava.