Forest Kingdom / Gastro

Forest kingdom also offers gastronomic experiences!

A whole-day trip in the Forest Kingdom requires a substantial portion of energy. You will find many places to eat in the new park with a broad and quality selection of foods and drinks. Apart from traditional cuisine of the Šumava region, we think also of vegetarians or individuals with celiac disease. And we also think of the environment: All food is served in recyclable packaging and we carefully sort all leftovers.

Where to get a good lunch?

The obvious choice is the self-service restaurant Šumavanka. During the main season the restaurant serves a broad selection of meals and various excellent soups. All dishes are inspired by the local nature and traditional cuisine.

We have traditional Czech sodas (raspberry soda or Kofola ), Gambrinus and Pilsner Urquell beer and Kingswood refreshing cider. You can also buy water or other soft drinks in PET bottles.


Dishes offered in Šumavanka:

  • Delicious soup-of-the day
  • Steak with side dish
  • Carp nuggets (fried pieces of boneless carp fillets), side dish
  • Dumpling with blueberry sauce
  • Spaghetti Bolognese
  • Goulash, side dish
  • Meat balls with tomato sauce, side dish
  • Salad from the daily menu on asking the waiters
  • Plus necessary and popular fries and other additional additional assortment

Coffee or something sweet?

Go to the labyrinth! The place Občerstvení u bludiště offers the best Piazza d´Oro coffee and home-made desserts. Feel like a chocolate cake? Does a mere look and smell of caffè latté make you relax? Your children would kill for hot chocolate? Then this is the right place for you and your family.

You can also boost your energy level with our soup-of-the day, dumplings with blueberry sauce, French fries or hot dog. You may also enjoy carp nuggets with bread, grilled steak (pork or chicken) or grilled vegetable.

Need to cool down?

The Ice Cream Kingdom is open not only on hot summer days. You children are sure to locate this place immediately! The colorful stall sells ice-cream balls ICE'n'GO, excellent Lunamil ice cream and ice slush of several flavors..

Why environment-friendly?

Because we love nature (not only the local nature in Šumava) equally as food. That is why we serve food in the Forest Kingdom only in environment-friendly packagings. All plates, trays and bowls are made of natural bio-degradable (compostable) cellulose. The eco-packagings contain no fillers or pigments and they are fat-resistant. In line with the idea of the Forest Kingdom we use cutlery made of wood.

We carefully sort out all packaging materials, equally as any other wastes generated in the Forest Kingdom.


Enjoy your meals!

Outside the main season the offer may be limited. Thank you for your understanding.