Forest Kingdom / Gastro

Forest Kingdom offers also gastronomic experience!

A daylong expedition to the Forest Kingdom demands a lot of energy. That is why we are offering plenty of eating facilities with a broad and quality selection of food and drinks. Apart from the traditional local cuisine, we have also meals for vegetarians. As we also care about the environment we serve all food and drinks in environmentally friendly packaging.

Need a proper lunch?

The self-service restaurant Šumavanka is the right choice for you. The place is open during the opening hours of the Forest Kingdom. You can enjoy a wide selection of main dishes, soups, great steaks or grilled vegetables. And we always have a schnitzel for those who love tradition. Our little visitors appreciate our FOX menu for kids and many more goodies. This year in July and in August Šumavanka will for the first time invite its guest to enjoy outdoor barbecue.

Our selection of beverages includes tapped soda (raspberry or Kofola) and for adults tapped beer Pilsner Urquell.


Coffee and dessert?

Go to the labyrinth! The fast food U bludiště serves the best coffee Piazza d´Oro and homemade desserts. Do feel like a chocolate cake and a glass of nice-smelling Cafe Latte? Then you have found the right place for you and your family.

You can eve boost your energy with a soup of the day, popular hotdog, panini, sweet pancakes, as well as traditional specialties, such as pickled sausage and cheese.

During the main season the fast food "U Bludiště" is open every day.

Need to cool down?

On hot days you can cool down in the ice cream kingdom "Zmrzlinové království". We are sure that your kids will be the first to find it! The colorful kiosk serves delicious LunaMil ice cream and it is particularly attractive for kids because they can help themselves. And this is something they love. :-)

Why environmentally friendly?

We love food but we also love the natural environment in general, not only in Šumava. Therefore the food in the Forest Kingdom is served exclusively in environmentally friendly packaging. All plates, trays and bowls are made of natural cellulose that is biodegradable (compostable). The eco-packagings contain no filling agents or pigments and they are resistant to grease. And, not surprisingly, in the Forest Kingdom you will eat your food with wooden cutlery.

Enjoy your meals!